Bowling Machines

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Speed Buddy Bundle


RRP £from536 Now £from499
Save £37

The Paceman 176 XT


  From £299.00

Feed Buddy Garden Net


  From £260.00

Speed Buddy Machine


  From £230.00

Home Ground GS5 Batting Net


  From £229.00

Home Ground GS3 Batting Net

Perfect solution for home use!

  From £169.00

Feed Buddy Pro Machine


  From £130.00

Paceman Portable Battery Pack


  From £99.00

Feed Buddy Machine


  From £90.00

Home Ground Bowling Screen

Perfect for Throw-downs and Machines

  From £89.00

Home Ground Back Net


  From £79.00

Paceman KPH+ Ball

Faster bowling machine ball!

  From £49.00

Paceman Regular Ball


  From £49.00

Paceman Light Ball


  From £35.00

Paceman Performance Ball

Junior machine ball

  From £35.00

Home Ground Backyard Fielders Pack

Pack of 5 Fielder Dummies

  From £29.00

Feed Buddy Balls


  From £23.00

Small Duffle Ball Bag

Perfect for 30-40 ball storage

  From £20.00


Neat little bag, holds up to 24 balls

  From £18.00

Paceman Ball Feeder Tray


  From £12.00

Swinga Technique Ball - 146g

Original weight - Now available in Pink!

RRP £from10 Now £from6
Save £4
Viewing: -23-0 of 21
21 products found