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TRX Conditioning Rope

Cardio-pumping and Core-engaging

  From £108.00

Suspension Trainer

Portable & lightweight. Includes mesh carry bag

  From £75.00

TRX Slamballs

Designed to survive your toughest workout!

  From £32.00

Fitness Mat

Offers excellent grip and 10mm of cushioning

  From £30.00

Wobble Mat

Ideal to help improve core stability & balance

  From £25.00

Fitness Ball & Pump

Great for core stability & general fitness. Available in 3 sizes

  From £20.00

Yoga Mat

Offers excellent grip & cushioning

  From £20.00

Medicine Balls

Ideal for core fitness & strength training drills. Available in 5 weights

  From £16.00

Wobble Board

Excellent for improving balance & coordination

  From £16.00

Resistance Tube

Can strengthen & tone muscles

  From £15.00

Balance Pod Dome (Pair)

Designed to help develop core strength muscles by adding extra challenge to numerous bodyweight exercises

  From £14.00

Balance Board


  From £12.00

Ab Roller

Great for improving core fitness. Grooved foam handles provide superb grip

  From £11.00

Urban Fitness Safety Resistance Tubes

Used for stretching, toning & training exercises

  From £11.00

Urban Fitness Training Gloves

Padded palm & mesh back-hand

  From £10.00

Exercise Bands

Ideal for fitness & strength training drills. Light, medium & heavy strengths

  From £8.00

Urban Fitness Vinyl Coated Kettlebell

Kettlebells increase strength, endurance

  From £8.00

Yoga-Mad Exer-Soft Ball


  From £8.00

Urban Fitness Resistance Loops 12 Inch

Suitable for all fitness levels

  From £1.50
Viewing: -23-0 of 20
20 products found